Stories that Stay

Places are more than just walls and timber, they are masonry with history.

They are outstanding stories to be read and lived. Each one of our hotels has been authored by its surroundings and history, expressed as a gallery of iconic objects.

In the heart of Thailand’s heritage lies the Haap (หาบ) 

A treasured symbol of the country’s cultural identity, the Haab was originally designed to carry rice, fruits and vegetables. This humble bamboo basket has become an enduring reminder of Thailand’s transformation into a beloved destination for travelers. The skill of carrying two bamboo baskets on either end of a pole has been passed down through generations, allowing villagers to gracefully balance and transport heavier loads through bustling markets, tranquil villages, vibrant temples, and along the country’s riverbanks. As the Haap once carried sustenance for locals, it now enchants visitors from around the world, offering a glimpse into Thailand’s rich cultural heritage. 

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