Snake Show

A charming Snake Show in Phuket demonstrates amazing stunts and the art of snake training. The large collection of poisonous snakes made the Phuket Snake Show one of the most widely visited sights. You will see: the king and Siamese cobras, pythons, the banded krait, the Gloydius halys, the white-lipped pit viper and many other species. The admission to the show is free of charge if you buy some products at the shop for 500 THB per each person. If you haven’t got anything, you need to pay 300 THB per an adult and 200 THB per a child for the admission ticket to the show.


Distance from the hotel:9km

Time needed to visit: 1-2hrs.

Visiting Hours: 9am-6pm

Price: 400 THB per adult & 200 THB per child.

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