The Bar

Signature Rooftop Bar in Patong

A place where time stands still and tête-à-têtes are brewed with precious moments. Rendez-Vue Rooftop Bar is on the best spot at sunset time in Avista Hideaway Phuket Patong. When the swirling colors of the sky form a vivid backdrop to sweeping views of Phuket. Away from the humdrum of chaotic noises, this place is sitting in the lap of nature that brings the best of both world, manmade and nature, just for you.

Enjoy the happy hours, sip cocktails and delight in revisited pub classics as the spectacle unfolds before you. In addition, a cozy and intimate atmosphere reigns by the bar. Indeed, leather armchairs and beautifully crafted wooden furniture lend an unhurried, sophisticated feel to the place. The golden hour of sunset makes this place trancelike, a magnificent treat for your eyes.

We firmly believe that drinks and food taste better when you enjoy our special offers with friends and conversation. Harmonization of elegant settings with subtle lighting, serene milieu and finest standard of services have made this place a favorite of many. A place with idiosyncratic food and beverage hub which is committed to serving its best of potential to all segment of the patrons.